What Is This Blog About

In the Beginning was story

Trajectory is the shape of the story as a whole. It moves always to it’s end, and it’s end is implied in it’s beginning.

— Ursula K. Le Guin

A long time ago I recall listening to an episode on the Bible Project Podcast about the book of Genesis. Tim Mackie had mentioned that the book of Genesis was the blueprint of the rest of the Bible. He went on to say that essentially you could call the other biblical writers plagiarists because they took so much from Genesis. He had a challenge at the end of the episode, which was to read Genesis 10x back-to-back. This would get you familiar with the myths which pop up in every other book.

I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. Would it be as beneficial, as Tim Mackie says, to tread water in Genesis?

My job is unique. I work in a warehouse environment and have the availability to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks. I love reading so all day, at work, I listen to audiobooks. The book of Genesis is four hours long. And with the time I have at work, I can listen to it once a day at the very least. Which brings me to what sparked this blog idea. What if I challenge myself to solely listen to the book of Genesis every day at work? Between weekends and Holidays and vacations, which I wont be listening to Genesis, I’ve calculated that I can listen to Genesis 250 times in a year. And then write about both my journey with this foundational book, as well as my findings.

So this is the embarkment of a new story for me. Like the quote states above, I have a trajectory and a beginning.

It wont be easy. I will make mistakes. Maybe forget a day or two or write empty blogs because I’m tired and just don’t want to do it; but I want to grow; I want to see something I’ve never seen before. And Genesis seems to spark loads of debate among the Christian community.

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