All I Have Is Questions

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

I do not remember the first time I watched Star Wars, but I do see myself as a passionate Star Wars fan because I am living it right now. I have been going through the films analyzing each scene looking for a coherent story, both for my benefit and to have some foundation to back up my held beliefs about the movies in case the time arrives that I need to defend them. Here is a snip of what I mean from my time watching A New Hope.

The first 28 min we get introduced to two droids, a dark masked character, a princess and a bunch of side characters. What sticks out clearly as the main characters are the masked character and the princess. A battle takes place on the princesses ship where she gives something to the small droid and ultimately, in the sequence of scenes, gets captured by the masked man. We find out that the masked man is looking for info on the location of the Resistance.

Anyone familiar with Star Wars would know what I am describing. Its the opening scene where Darth Vader finds Leia, captures her, tortures her, and then proceeds to search for R2D2. All in the hopes of finding the Resistance.

I am currently going through The Force Awakens. What is interesting is the copy-paste style that J.J. Abrams uses. I find this troublesome. It speaks laziness to me. But dissecting Star Wars is not the point of this post.

Just like my love of Star Wars leads me to passionately watch and see what is going on. My love for the Bible also makes me passionately pay attention. But there is one small difference, it is not small but thousand of years large.

Star Wars began in 1970s. It was written in English, which limits its depth. That does not mean Star Wars has no depth. It just means it is not as complex as something that is thousands of years old and written in multiple languages, like the Bible.

If someone has a question or theory about Star Wars, they do not have to look far to find the answer or confirm their theory. The Bible is no such document. Do I look to a translation that is a paraphrase? How about the one translating. Should I look to a Bible that the translator only used the Septuagint? Should I look to a translation that used the Masoretic Text, Septuagint, and has an author(s) who are Hebrew scholars? Should I look to only my sect for an authoritative interpretation? What if my sect is barely 200 years old? What does that mean about their “authoritative” interpretation compared to some other sects thousands of years old?

Am I a biblical scholar? Do I know Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic? If not how do I know the English translation I am using is being faithful to the original language? These are but a few of the questions I have been asking myself as I read through Genesis and consult dusty old commentaries.

Now I could just silence the voice in my head and move on with my life. But just like Finn, who unquestionably kills his comrades with no remorse, bugs the crap out of me, or how the history of the Mandalorians sends me on a treasure hunt. The Bible puts me in a rich, complex, bizarre world which I find fascinating. So I am left with my questions, which I think is a good thing.

Photo by mari lezhava on Unsplash

Like a good detective I search for story. Who is God? Why is covenant so important? What is the contrast between the creation story in the Bible and creation stories from the contemporary cultures?

My questions lead me to answers, which ultimately lead me to God and the one true view of him. After all isn’t unity the one thing he wants? And doesn’t Satan want disunity? Likewise, Star Wars provides true and false views like, baby Yoda will always be known as baby Yoda and any view counter is just heretical.

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